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Who we are

TelAtlantic Communications, Inc. acquires, operates and consolidates Rural Local Exchange Carriers (RLECS). The Company was founded in May 2000 and is based in Alexandria, Virginia. TelAtlantic has made three RLEC acquisitions to date and its entities currently provide telecommunication services, including high speed internet, local and long-distance telephone service throughout their service areas.

Goals and Core Strategy

TelAtlantic’s core strategy is to exceed the expectations of its customers on a daily basis and to continue to expand its offerings to its customers to ensure each has access to the best possible service.

To Achieve this goal, TelAtlantic seeks to introduce new products and services while maintaining a strong local presence in the communities we serve. We are proud to be playing such a key role in bringing 21st Century communications services to rural America.

our companies

Zenda Telephone Company

The Zenda Telephone Company had its beginnings in 1902. E.C. Dafforn offered the first telephone service by placing a wire on a farmers’ fence posts. Zenda Telephone currently services about 130 access lines over a 120 square mile area in South Central Kansas. Its customers now receive services over a robust state of the art all fiber optic network which rivals any of its kind.

West Side Telecommunications

West Side provides telephone service to about 2,800 access lines covering over 400 square miles just west of Morgantown, West Virginia and a small portion of Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania.

Miller Telephone Company

W. C. Hill and his brothers organized the Hill Telephone System in Miller in 1900. Miller Telephone Company provides its telecommunications services to its customers through its fiber to the premises network, offering its customers the fastest and highest quality network currently available.

Communications Plus

Communications Plus is a certified local exchange carrier, offering a wide range of telecommunications services to businesses and residents, including phone, long distance, internet, business phone systems and more. Communications Plus services the Morgantown, WV area and the Charles Pointe community in Bridgeport, WV.